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Internet Tracker

Track Internet Traffic on your Symbian Nokia Phones. App Alerts you when the configured intenet data limit exceeds. Internet Tracker helps you in saving the monthly mobile bill by providing mobile data usage statistics on a date to date basis.

For Nokia Symbian Phones

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  • App tracks the internet data uploaded, downloaded through each access point.
  • Alerts when configured data limit exceeds for the month.
  • Displays mobile's IP address, DNS address, Gateway address.
  • Displays mobile network speed on your phone while accessing internet.
  • Control App behaviour to monitor the data for the choosen Acces Point or not  using settings.
  • App auto starts when phone is restarted.
  • App is downloaded in nearly 165 countries and  most downloaded & best seller app.
  • Works across  100+  touch & non touch Symbian devices.
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